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This chatterbox is just as clueless about your health and metabolism as they are about what a single sandwich could possibly do to Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache person's body composition. Unfortunately, she's been conditioned to think that embracing her own body means disparaging the bodies of others.

The truth is, people Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache are truly confident in themselves aren't looking for competition. Put that in your magazine. My favorite character, Quinn, was helping her friend Mercedes who was struggling with body issues of her own. It made me grow confident in who I was and the body I have.

Which makes sense if you've ever thought, Oh, there's no way that's fitting up there This process is called vaginal tenting, and it means your vaginal canal literally expands to make penetration more comfortable. When you're aroused, increased muscle tension actually helps draw the uterus upward, giving you more space to work with, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.

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If you're not using hormonal birth control, your vagina will actually give you cues when you're ovulating, which is when you're most likely to get pregnant. If you have a pretty regular day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs around day 14 14 days after the first day of your period. Think of it as a self-cleaning oven. It's also acidic, with a regular vaginal pH level between 3.

Ironically, all those douches Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache scented wipes can actually throw off that pH balance and make you more prone to infections and irritations.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep the outside area — your vulva — clean, but all that takes is some water if you must use soap, make sure Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache a simple, unscented one with very few ingredients.

More info on all that here.

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And if you do notice an unusual odor or discharge or itching, check with your doctor to rule out an infection. Not many other body parts can say that. When you get aroused, more blood flows to your genitals, which cues you to get wet.

That lubrication primarily comes through the vaginal walls, though you also get some wetness from the labia minora Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache from cervical discharge, says Herbenick.

Keep in mind that lots of things can affect your ability to lubricate — like birth control, allergy medicines, breastfeeding, and menopause — so don't worry if you need to use store-bought lube, too. He continued pressing on about the curious case of my eyes, oblivious to my discomfort, and tried to lean in for a closer look.

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I leaned away from my position behind the customer service desk, putting as much distance between this stranger and myself as possible. A fellow volunteer told him to leave. Both Western and Eastern beauty industries separately favor big, wide-open eyes. So my own eyes, often narrowed or obscured by monolids, have been a source of scrutiny, shame, and frustration Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache and, only recently, something resembling pride.

Even nowadays, as the body positivity movement encourages people especially women, Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache especially cis white women to accept their perceived flaws, racialized features like monolids are still treated like something to politely correct or crassly mock.

Miley Cyrus made news for pulling her eyes into slants in Media reports at the time seemed shocked that anyone could possibly be so crude in this day and age; clearly, most of those reporters had never grown up with Asian eyes in America.

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I was Asian, and was teased for my Asian eyes. My first possible solution was makeup.

I bought my first eyeliner in high school; some cursory internet research led me in the direction of gel eyeliner, applied with an angled brush.

In my unskilled hand, the gel glommed all over my eyelid like an oil slick, but when I wore it out, something magical would happen: I could indeed see a clear definition around my eyes in photos. Then one day, she posted this videoin which she revealed that she, just like me, had once had two different eye shapes. But Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache eyelids were both double now; how did that happen?

And from there, the jig was up: I was introduced to the world of formal eyelid correction. Most of them, particularly from younger generations, have double lids.

In recent Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache, Western media has taken notice of the rise of eyelid and other facial plastic surgeries, and many people credit that to the increasing influence of Western beauty Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache in East Asian nations. The first Asian eye-centric eyelid surgery was performed in Japan, notably on a woman with one monolid and one double lid. Now eyelid surgery is, in some Asian and Asian-American communities, a rite of passage.

Herein lies the rub. I could try out eyelid tape or its more ominous cousin, the eyelid traineror even strategically, studiously, hand-fold my lids for long periods of time. Pursuing beauty is work and money, and most of the time, I am simply too lazy and too cheap to follow through. And, most disconcerting to myself, I wonder if I would actually be happier if I did find it.

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When I try to articulate the difference to non-East Asian peers, they feign understanding or offer condolences. I feel pride in my ancestry and the racialized face I carry out into the world, but surgery is only as unnatural as you deem it to be. Do "Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache" bear ill will toward Asian people with double eyelids, whether from birth or from surgery? After all, it really boils down to that: That is something that can never be captured in a mirror or a photo or in any one physical feature.

They are Asian because I amand no matter what other representations I see, this imperfect, perfect iteration is me. I know, and walk away. The muscles you have just contracted constitute doing a Kegel. Next time you are getting a pelvic exam, you can ask your examiner to assess your Kegel tone to make sure you are doing things correctly and to assess your strength.

Find out more about how to do Kegels here. But it used to look a little different. The slogans say it all: Stop Being Skinny and Tired!

After all, no man could love a scarecrow! Diet books from that era which I read hundreds of for my PhD thesis often had two sections: But I always found myself thinking that those old gaining diets looked like a lot of fun — tons of cream, candy, meat, and milkshakes.

I decided I would try one for a few days, to see how it felt and tasted. She was a champion swimmer, the inventor of the modern bathing suitand the first woman to appear nude in a major Hollywood film.

She tried to swim the English Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache three times.

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She did underwater ballet in a giant tank. She was arrested for indecency. This one time in Jamaica, she dove off a waterfall into a pool of crocodiles. Annette's life certainly set the bar high — a little too high, maybe, for anyone else. Annette was writing at the tail Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache of World War I, as beauty trends were undergoing a major shift. Her book was published right after the era of the corseted Gibson girl tall, elegant, with an impossibly tiny waist, big boobs, big hips, and hair piled messily in an Edwardian updobut a few years before the s flappers, who were flat-chested, boyish, and spunky.

In a world without mass media and celebrities, I guess you end up comparing yourself to ancient Greek statues? Annette had a bigger neck, smaller waist, thicker thighs Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache arms, thinner ankles and wrists. The longer I looked at Annette, the more I felt like a scrawny umbrella. She may not have been the kindest diet guru, but her self-confidence was inspiring, and weirdly I began admiring her wrists.

And she seemed very clear about what I needed to do to attain perfection: This got a little complicated. To obtain my own ratio of femininityI had to add together the measurements of my chest, butt, and one thigh. Then I divided this number by the total of my neck, waist, wrist, ankle, and half my height, and finally multiplied by My number came out to — just 3 valuable points away from Annette!

Apparently, I needed to increase my chest, butt, or thigh by about two inches. Or I could decrease my neck, hips, wrist, or ankle by about an inch. At Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache, I was only one pound away from her ideal, which meant it was time to get gaining! I set out some rules for myself to try to replicate the full diet experience:. Bran gems have been lost to history, and now I know why.

I followed a recipe that called for black treacle molassesOnline dating buzzfeedyellow headache soda, and bran. And they tasted exactly like what they were made of: Not great, and they kind of smelled like a gas station. The bananas were delicious. I feasted on lamb chops, scalloped potatoes, cornbread, corn, stewed apricots, cookies, and buttermilk. Most of us usually eat lamb chops at a restaurant or family dinners or somewhere other people can see you eat lamb chops.

But Online dating buzzfeedyellow headache you eat three lamb chops alone on a Wednesday afternoon, there is no pretense of fork or knife or napkin. Only the buttermilk was hard. It actually tasted OK on its own, but got super gross all swirled around in my stomach with the other soft, creamy, orange things. Roast beef is so simple: Rub oil onto meat, heat oven, put the meat into the oven. Easy, tasty, cheap, and everyone seemed to like it well enough.

My friend Rebecca also tried bran gems for an appetizer.

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