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Im dating the ice princess wattpad movie scripts

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Then Daryl Seuk Kang walks into her life. Will Charice finally learn to warm up to someone? And what will she do once people discover her secret?

See a Problem?

Recent discoveries had made me realize that I might have been harsher on the writers when I should be more critical of the editors. You know the type? Or her alter-ego who her love interest is in love with before.

Book 2 of The Ice...

Unfortunately, said alter-ego only gets mentioned twice. Once near the beginning, and then the second time near the end.

And then she appears. Initially, I thought the alter-ego was an avatar for an online role-playing game. Our female protagonist is a gangster. One who gets into fights and stuff.

I'm Dating the Ice Princess...

And we get no clue as to why the male love interest falls in love with that gangster persona. The same chapter we find out that our female protagonist is a gangster. The same chapter where we find out that there was an ongoing love triangle to begin with! Summit Books, I beg you: Editors who can work with start-up writers to improve their stories, not make them worse than they are.

The tracks are already ruined. And learn to properly plan a story. To the editor of this book, and to Summit Books, I repeat the same request I keep asking: Magkabilang Mundo taking a break. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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