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Dating barbie clothes


The back of the tag has black threads. Some modern tags might be confused with vintage tags.

Hello,I have picked up some...

Vintage R registered trademark tags were used from to The Fashion Originals clothing line was the last to use the vintage tag. Tiny paper inspection tags were sometimes sewn on top of or beneath a label.

Water easily disintegrates these inspection tags. Doll Reference page on vintage Barbie labels: These tags were made of both printed cloth and printed reinforced paper.

Most of the reference books...

Square purple or pink tag with serif initial B: Late s to early s Late s to early s Square pink, purple, or black tag with sans serif initial B: Doll "Dating barbie clothes" Doll identification: Lady Windermere, original outfit 21" composition Backdrop print: Composition, 25" tall, jointed; ca.

Made in Japan Mold includes a belly button Bead-and-feather dress handmade by playmonet Photo copyright playmonet Dollhouse by Blissca. French fashion bisque By Jumeauca.

All Barbie vintage clothes from...

German, originally a male doll 2. German, dressed as a Scotsman 3.

Barbie's First Date

German head on a French body 5. Photo copyright kimmeldoll Antique leather boots with wooden heel Originally dyed turquoise Keystone mark on soles Detail of wax doll shown above: Back view of human hair wig Reinforced wax head, ca.

Stuffy Maggie face Ctr.: Hello,I have picked up some barbie items.I believe to have been put out in the 70's due to the case that came with them. My problem is the clothing is untagged.

Hello,I have picked up some...

Distinguish a contemporary Barbie doll from the vintage models with these tips, including how to These markings often include a date. Vintage black & white tags are cloth with the original Barbie logo woven into the cloth.

The back The Fashion Originals clothing line was the last to use the vintage tag. Best .

Hello,I have picked up some...

Unknown maker and date. All-cloth.

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