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Kane wheeler


All cards released at 5pm EST. Make "RHC" your team abbreviation Kane wheeler add it to your lineup name so that other redditors will know if they're playing another redditor. RHC Users Database old ver. Interesting that it's all American this week. That would be sweet as well. I guess they did do 93 Kucherov and 90 Karlsson so I dont see why not!

I really hope so too. As an Avs fan he would be Kane wheeler must buy for me. I can see his card having a lot of value as well with the speed he brings and the season he's having in real life Lots of potential for upgrades.

Not to put you on the spot but would you wager we get his evo next week or sometime in the coming weeks? I'd be willing to guess we'll see a similar style of EVO set next week. Mackinnon could fall into either the Kane wheeler or great category depending on what his highest card will be when he gets an EVO card. If it's an 87 he's probably in the good section, 88 and he'd be in the great IMO. Technically no, it's not. But Russia historically is considered to be a part of European History and it borders large areas Kane wheeler Europe.

The parts of Russia that border Asia are much less populated then the area bordering Europe. Is this really an argument you want to continue having?

I didn't say anything about them being Kane wheeler part of the European Union. Giving him extra strength points would make him a better card.

The latest Tweets from Kane...

I think that is why he doesnt get used as much. Actually, he seems really interesting, especially with a TN2. He's so good, I really love Kane wheeler. I feel the only reason why he is streaky is because he's playing in such a bad team.

Want to add to the...

He makes Pominville look young, it's beautiful. Hes just under a ppg but hes streaky. Usually goes over then under. I think he has a high chance of toty. He's outside the top 50 in points. I believe they're last or close to it for goals per game as a team. You're right, just looked again and that was pominvilles goal but they must have changes it at the end of the game.

And the one goal against Pittsburg was his only goal for the last 13 games. Wouldn't say he's been doing well Looks like Gaudreau is replacing Evo Marchand on my Kane wheeler line now.

Well I want to get him before that but im hoping to get Kane wheeler at his lowest point prior to that happening. Some weeks tonight is the best night as people undercut each other pretty good right off the hop.

Going to work the evo game hard post dinner.

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