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Mtgo league matchmaking


Leagues are one of, if not the, most popular ways to experience Magic online, at your pace, during your time, wherever you're comfortable. They've really changed how people play Magic Online.

We announced the return of Leagues not too long ago, and since then, players seem to be very happy with them. Now you can play a match of Sealed whenever you want. You can jam through them quickly, or you can stop and play another match days later. They're a great way to play whenever works for your schedule!

Many players have Mtgo league matchmaking for Leagues where you get to add boosters to your pool over the course of the League. The Leagues team has been hard at work on these, and you'll get to play in them soon!

Here's how these Leagues will work: You choose an entry option, get your card pool, and build a deck like normal. The League will be divided into three stages, each of which includes three matches for a total of nine matches.

Published Answers

After you finish your matches in each stage, you'll be Mtgo league matchmaking prizes based on your record in that stage. As the next stage begins, you'll have the option to upgrade your pool with an additional booster! You can upgrade with the booster itself, Event Tickets, or Play Points. This upgrade is completely optional. If you decide against upgrading immediately, you can decide to upgrade at any Mtgo league matchmaking until your League course is complete. The new cards will pop up in a "New Cards" window so you can easily see what your new options are.

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