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Bonnet head shark asexual reproduction

  • Wendee Holtcamp; Lone Parents:
  • Keywords: asexual reproduction, automictic parthenogenesis, one of the three captive adult female bonnethead sharks (Sphyrna tiburo.
  • The evidence comes from a shark at Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska which gave birth to a pup in despite having had no contact with a male.
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Shark's virgin birth stuns...

Because chromosomal crossing over—in which genetic material gets exchanged between the mother's paternal and maternal chromatids—occurs during the first meiotic cell division, each polar body differs genetically from the ovum.

Shivji has developed DNA fingerprint markers that can identify the species of shark whose fins have been intercepted by authorities. The Florida panther is a good example. Captive shark had 'virgin birth'. Yet the shark virgin birth discovery gives fair warning: Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

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How to fillet a small shark (bonnethead).


Can i go into a pub alone? would I be beaten up? Some fish and reptiles can reproduce asexually, but a shark in an Australian aquarium is a rare case of this in an animal that once had a mate. This form of asexual reproduction, called parthenogenesis, has been found in The mother was one of three female bonnetheads, a small..

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