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Freelance talent matchmaking services


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In fact, PR Talent has...

Writing is not everybody's cup of tea. Either there is no time for it or it can be a hassle to articulate what we want to express. That's why we introduce Matchmaking Service. Find the right talent for your story. Matchmaking Service connects you with the best creatives to tell your stories.

With their help, you will tell better stories and engage more with your audience.

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Finding the right talent takes a lot of time, now it's just a click away. Create an Editorial Brief. Hire with a click.

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Story will appear in your account. Matchmaking Service to find freelancers online. Story Chief heard you loud and clear. Finding the right creative talent can be daunting. We've launched a Matchmaking Service to help you find freelancers faster and aid in your content creation. Freelance is not a dirty word so let's keep it clean.

Find talented beginners looking to...

Expecting a third party to do what you can't do is one thing, and that's what great freelancers are for. Expecting them to do it right can only come from digging a little deeper into what your company culture is made of—together. Need a story to promote your business? Time to get started.

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Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.

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